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2020 Tunes...

Many thanks to THE J.O.B. and River City Band for their great musicianship and fantastic performances!

They definitely brought the JAM to Brew JAM 2019!

Check them out!

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the J.O.B


The J.O.B. was formed by Jim O'Ferrell (guitar & vocals) and Jason Crawford (lead guitar) when Jim returned from the War in Iraq in 2008. Originally intended to record the powerful songs Jim had written while deployed, the band has evolved into a hard-hitting alternative rock band with a prolific music portfolio. The J.O.B. has a diverse indie rock sensibility with blues and Americana influences. Rounding out this four piece group is Jared Merrill (bass guitar & backing vocals) and Eric Bandy (drums).

Their latest full length album, “Highway of Shadows” is in rotation on over 130 college and independent radio stations in the US and Canada and was selected by The Auricular as one of the “50 Best Richmond Records of 2018.” 





Based in a rich traditional bluegrass sound and set up, River City Band is a group that stays true to their down home roots while continuously exploring many different genres and tastes. With crisp, soulful harmonies, strong lead instruments, and a rhythm that can burn down the barn or hold your hand steadily through a beautiful waltz, the group can create the right mood and texture for any setting.


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